Standard Bearers for His Glory

Regional Reformation Gatherings ~ Fridays // 6PM


By Gaby Garcia
Rosh Hashanah! Happy New Year, everyone! We have just transitioned into the next year 5782! And although Rosh Hashanah (Head of the Year) is an Israeli civil holiday – meaning it is not a Holy Feast Yahweh called us to celebrate, we love to still acknowledge it because He is always speaking through each year.

Last year in 5781, we were focused on 80 (pey – the mouth, the beginning, the opening) and 1 (alef – signifying the Father leading us). Now as we enter 5782, we are still in the 80’s, a year of the mouth, and a beginning that is continuing over the span of this decade! As we move into 5782, the focus will shift; however, we still allow the Father to lead us. Each year something is added to compliment what has already been established! The 2 of this year signifies the home – the Hebrew letter Beyt.

What is Yahweh establishing in our homes and families as we move into 5782?

What a great opportunity we have to partner with Yahweh in our homes. I just arrived at my sister’s cabin in Washington and it’s been a while since we’ve been there. There were cobwebs and a few spiders, there was some dust, and we even found an out of place washcloth. The outside had some debris from the fall season moving it that we took care of. She had some new items she had purchased that are necessary with the changing of the seasons. We took some time preparing the home for the fall and winter season. After a short while, everything is in place, ready for us to enjoy time together.

This is the same for us in this change of season we are embarking upon. There may be areas of our families and homes that need to be cleaned and dusted. There may be aspects to the dynamics that we have been walking in that need to be revamped. There may even be areas we need to invest in to allow this season of focus on our families and homes to reach their full potential. Allow Yahweh to direct and lead you to see these areas with humility, to repent, and then to remove those things in your family and home that need to change.

Do not miss the opportunity for something greater in your life as you struggle to hold on to what was. Keep your hands held wide open as Yahweh takes away something that may have been good for a season yet you have outgrown. We are excited to hear the testimony of what He is doing in our homes and families this year and how he creatively provides new opportunities.

The first of the year also begins our night season. In my life, this has historically been a season of dread. I was recently reminded that the night season is an opportunity for rest and for dreaming. Yahweh starts our cycles with rest! What dreams will Yahweh give for you, your family, and your home that will be seeds planted in the coming months? With this new revelation of the night season, I am excited to see what dreams Yahweh gives and the practical ways He will help us make them a reality!