Standard Bearers for His Glory

Regional Reformation Gatherings ~ Fridays // 6PM

About Us


“Kingdomheirs International champions Raw Restoration, Real Relationship, and Radical Reach Out. We ignite intimacy with God and the discipleship of nations by being Kingdom instruments of freedom to the fatherless. Moving from Glory to Glory in His manifested presence, the Bride will be prepared and released in unity. As a frontline of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we will walk worthy of the calling from the position of salvation and righteousness in Jesus Christ… our inheritance.”



As individual Sons and Daughters, Kingdomheirs International walks out the fullness of the Gospel through the reality of Jesus Christ by being raw in our restoration, real in our relationship, and radical in our reach out:

    We aggressively repair the breach as we accept each other completely in every season. God is glorified when the world encounters this type of love, grace, and mercy. We ask God to show us who He made each one to be in order to: Declare His promises for such a time as this, see beauty for ashes, bring joy for mourning, and immerse ourselves in thanksgiving at all times. We are improved beyond what we could think or imagine where the latter is greater than the former. One by one, the ruins are rebuilt.

Isaiah 61

    We actively pursue relationship with the King and His heirs at all costs. Our fellowship is transparent and extremely intentional; unearthing the gold that God has placed in all of us. We submit one to another to reveal our identity and realize our destiny. We fan the flame of grace and walkin humility having relentless love towards all people the way Jesus does.

Ephesians 4

    We boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, being led only by the Holy Spirit. He passionately leads us to reach those who have yet to encounter the presence of the King and those that have been forgotten in Flagstaff and surrounding areas. As a banner to all nations, we aim to reconnect God to his children by reflecting Christ’s love and laying down our lives to serve without judgment. We seek to fulfill the great commission by teaching of our Savior Jesus Christ and baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Mathew 28