It’s time to give it up!

Posted by on Aug 25, 2016

It’s time to give it up!

As we returned from the Appeal to Heaven Conference in Tucson, Arizona… we came with a great new revelation of the identity and calling intended for Kingdomheirs Flagstaff!  Arizona has been declared as the spiritual spearhead of reformation in America by many great prophetic voices.  The Holy Spirit has given us the place of bearing his standard of victory for this 3rd Great Awakening in America.

On Sunday, we repented of surrendering this place for too long, and the merciful Lord restored us in this identity and call.  A bold cry of reformation was declared and we will no longer tolerate a domesticated church.  A command came over a year ago to “unchurch the church”.  It is time to stop just talking about it – it is time to walk it out.  We boldly obey the King of Kings and will not bow down to people pleasing and kingdoms that are not HIS KINGDOM!

We won’t and can’t go back.  The wine skin has been pierced. Sunday mornings will be an overflow of our relationship to our Father from Monday through Saturday, instead of trying to get into relationship with our Father by speaking on Sundays. Come prepared this Sunday as we begin to take position as the Ekklesia, finding our place, awakening and arising!!

Read the Word – Ezekiel 36 and 37 along with Zechariah.  Listen to sermons – Damon Thompson is a spiritual leader and has tapped into the heartbeat of the Father.  Pray, repent, declare, soak, encounter, be undone!!   Can’t wait for more!!

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