Declare Over This City

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016

Declare Over This City

We are no longer just preaching about moving into being an effective Bride but taking the steps to become one!!  We spent our family time together crying out that Flagstaff will pursue You and You won’t pass us by.  The presence of the King of kings and Lord of lords is at hand.

We repented of our mindset that worship is only an hour on Sunday morning and it’s bound by music.  The time and money that we spend shows what we adore and we need to adore Our One and Only!  We are to be thankful for our inheritance but not worship it. Yahweh and His presence is all we seek and worship.

He is laying an axe to the root of principalities that have taken root in our lives and in our city.  We sought more of Him and less of us, as the Lord brought the Holy Spirit for the increase and the Fire to burn those fruitless branches.

Worship is not a place holder.

A spirit of intercession broke through over the local marketplace to get rid of the scared secular divide.  The bride declared anointing over these places of business through the whole week.

-Mountain Heart
-Carpet Cleaning
-High Country Family Dentistry
-The Guidance Center
-County offices
-Grocery stores

The Holy Spirit is requiring a posture of continued presence as this time has been called “a cornerstone moment that the Lord will build upon…”

Remember what we stand for when you encounter trials and challenges this week.

Pastors Justin and Tanya

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