Declare Over This City 2

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016

Declare Over This City 2

Are you part of revolutionizing Flagstaff?  It begins with you and your family.  What have we compromised by partnering with fear, disguised in the name of “love”?  This church has an assignment and it’s to not LAY THE STANDARD DOWN!  We watched a powerful video that brought a heavy reality to this call. (Click here to watch)  The focus of the enemy is not on YOU, it’s on the standard you hold up; the goal is for you to retreat and have a way out.  BUT,  we are not to compromise.

God has has asked us to forerun and take the steps to revolutionize church as we know it. This past Sunday was Discipleship Sunday, where we partner with the Spirit of koinonia.  We are not a family where we have a select few who make the decisions behind closed doors, and then use Sunday to convince everyone else of God’s plans. We are all called to the frontline. We are the laborers…there are two groups we influence: those we run with and those we will reach.

We are about to enter into Radical Reachout of our mission.  It’s time the laborers rub shoulder to shoulder and get aligned.  Flagstaff needs to be reached. We have prayed and talked for too long, it’s field training time!  Get your house in order for the harvest is plenty!!

We went over housekeeping, finances, upcoming divine appointments, recapped what God has done during Real Relationship, stood together for the National Anthem, and closed out our time together in prayer over this city.

There are many ways to get plugged in. If you missed this past Sunday, get connected with someone…there’s a place for you!!

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