Baby born Holy Spirit

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016

Baby born Holy Spirit

We have cried out Kingdom Come and declared the greatest move of God we have ever seen. We are in the midst of foundational Kingdom principles to these two prayers. Real relationship is our focus as we dive into our vision and mission. We need a strong foundation for this move to happen and more importantly for it to sustain and grow!

We are standing in a place between the Promise of Judah (Isaiah 26:1-5, 17) and Protection of Egypt (Isaiah 30:1-3).

It’s about moving from one season to the next and the way the Holy Spirit is meant to take shape in your life in the upcoming season cannot be sustained in your present state.

This past Sunday, a baby was born named Holy Spirit. The important thing to note is a Father was holding the baby. This move of God that we are beginning to see will be built upon FAMILY. Jesus did not come for the multitudes, but for 12, who then were called to the multitudes.

Pastor Justin ministered out of Isaiah, after being ministered to himself through worship. A revelation came forth that the new wine is the Holy Spirit and the way it takes shape and form in your life, the new things God has purposed for you cannot be achieved in the environment that you currently are. When a woman is pregnant, that life inside of her has to be developed for a season and can only be sustained in the environment of her womb but there also comes a time when the life inside of her matures to the point that staying inside of that same womb would be detrimental to the very same life. This is a picture of what it looks like when asking God about the old wine skin and the new. The life of the wine depends upon the right environment.

Many think that they stand at a fork in the road when it comes to the promise of the unseen versus the protection of what they have formerly known… (the former shall pass) but rather the dynamic is that you walk through a season of life becoming accustomed to a certain way of life. At some point the thing that has been birthed inside of you must “break through” into the earth and a new environment is necessary! (New wine skin)

Remember, being “broke through” means to be a vessel of God which He can use to cause the unseen things of heaven to manifest themselves in the earth or the natural for everyone to see His glory. In another way, He wants to use our private encounters and make them public manifestations! This is the righteousness and sanctification of God that we receive in the presence of the Lord when our adversary wants us to believe that we are corrupted beyond restoration.

Isaiah 26 1-5 and 17, 30:1-3
Protection of Egypt or the Promise of Judah
Wine skin broke
Baby born Holy Spirit
Pastor Tanya Brewer

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